Layered necklace sets are the jewelry trend that is everywhere. You can see layered necklaces on celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner or in magazines like Vogue and Elle.

The layered necklace set is an easy way to create a layered look without buying multiple jewelry pieces. It also gives you more versatility. You have three separate layers that can be worn separately or layered together for a different look.

Where can I find a layered necklace set? Websites like Etsy offer various choices made by other people and manufactured by different jewelry brands. You can find these necklaces as cheap as $12 up to $120.

We recommend visiting local jewelry where you can try them on before buying it. Every store should have at least a couple of varieties, considering this type of necklace is very popular.

In conclusion, if you want to stay ahead of the latest trends, then layered necklace sets should be at the top of your list!