Relationships take work and when you care enough to put it in…

You create strong, lasting ones that aren’t easily shakable.

Here are 3 out-of-the-box ways to bond with your bae…

1. Take virtual cooking classes.

If you aren’t used to going out to classes, warm up with some virtual ones. You can cook from the comfort of your own kitchen right alongside amazing chefs. When the class is over, you’ll have the perfect culinary treat for two.

2. Draw each other.

Drawing one another will make you feel silly… but that’s the point. You’ll laugh and still never throw them away. Hey… It worked for Jack and Rose.

3. Go on an adventure.

Whether it is hang-gliding, skydiving or just exploring the wild together in your own town, an adventure will always create memories you won’t soon forget.

From cooking class to adventures of your choosing, thinking outside-the-box always renders great fun…

Even if the outcome is a little silly or an epic fail… it will ALWAYS be a GOOD memory.