Nowadays, the word “health” is on everyone’s lips. We are all aware of the benefits of drinking water. In addition, many people have discovered the power inherent in crystal rock by contemplating its beauty and absorbing its vibrations. In recent times, manufacturers have combined these two qualities to make life at once healthier and filled with wonder. High-quality water bottles have been modified to contain an obelisk of crystal that fits into a metal holder at the base of the bottle.
From two points of view, a crystal water bottle rose quartz enhanced, is a great idea. First, the glass bottle is reusable and in the longer term, recyclable. This means that it is as environmentally-friendly as it is beautiful. Second, the rose quartz crystal is visible as its owner drinks the water, meaning that he or she imbibes the mineral wealth together with the subtle and beneficial vibrations inherent in all crystals. The crystal does wear out over time and when this happens, the owner simply replaces it.