Do you love the look of a white fedora hat, but you’re wondering where you could wear one or maybe you’re confused on exactly how it should be worn. Don’t worry, this iconic hat style is something that can fit in just about anywhere you plan to go and with a few quick tips, you’ll be on your way to creating your own unique look. First of all, a fedora can be worn strolling the boardwalk at the beach or in a casual setting, especially if you choose a white straw fedora; however, for more formal events, a more formal material, such as wool is usually in order.

When choosing the size, your fedora should rest above the center of your forehead and above your ears. You can wear the hat straight or give it a slight tilt to suit your personal sense of style and preference. If you’re still in doubt, browse the wide variety of fedoras and choose one that catches your eye. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to wear your new hat.