The traditional way of making an app for iPhone can be complex and time-consuming. You have to learn programming or use a programming language to build your app from scratch. There is an easier way that lets you avoid this long process. There are online tools that let you make apps for iOS platform. You start with a design that suits your subject and goals. You can add all types of images and other contents. The design is a template with different types of placeholders for placing text, images and other elements.

The online app builder is the easiest way to build an iOS app without learning any coding skill. You simply drag and drop the elements you need. Associate the required actions with each element and slowly your app will become ready for use. Publish it at the app store as instructed and your users will be able to download it from there and use it. The free online app builder lets you build an app for basic requirements. You have to use the subscription option if you need more features and bandwidth.