Medications are used for everything from treating infection to managing chronic conditions like hypertension or diabetes. Its use is also on the rise among pregnant women, with many expecting mothers taking medicines that have not been authorized by the (FDA) during pregnancy. Medications can cause congenital disabilities if taken during pregnancy, so all pregnant women need to know what types may be harmful to their unborn babies before making any decisions about medication use while pregnant.

This article will provide three points that you need to know when taking medication while pregnant:

1) Medication use is linked with an increased risk for birth defects
2) Talk to your doctor before stopping any antidepressant or seizure medications
3) There are several precautions you can take to cut down on the risk for teratogenic medications

Birth defects are rare, but they happen. Medications taken during pregnancy may increase chances. Antidepressants and anti-seizure medications and birth defects have been linked to an increased risk for congenital disabilities. Women who take this type of medication should be aware of the risks and talk to their physicians about reducing them.