Mental wellness has been gaining momentum to the point where it has become a national wellness priority for 2020. In fact, according to Mental Health America, “one in five adults experiences mental illness each year.” These statistics show that many people are dealing with mental wellness and recovery issues daily. This article will provide three tips to get started with wellness mental health recovery to be proactive about your own wellness goals!

1) Talk openly about feelings or thoughts that may be difficult for you to share.

2) Seek out support groups of friends who understand what you’re going through

3) Create an action plan for yourself to keep wellness in mind every day

Understand what wellness means to you. Find the right resources for information and support. Permit yourself to take care of your well-being in any way possible.

Mental wellness recovery is a process of becoming aware that your feelings and thoughts are okay, even if they may be different from what others feel or think. Talking about them with someone you trust can help validate those experiences and begin wellness mental health recovery for yourself!