Making do with the minimum things that you need is what can put a curb on consumerism and will be good for the environment as fewer things will need to be produced.

This holds good in the case of stationery items, and minimalist stationery will do the work for you just as well. Stationery items that you need to look at is paper, pencils, pens, erasers, staplers, notebooks, and others. Go though your home and gather all the stationery items that you have.

You will find many items that are no longer of much use, and can be safely discarded, like pens with out ink, pencil stubs, dirty erasers, and many others. Get rid of them. Keep the minimum paper that you need, and just one or two notebooks. One stapler, one pair of scissors, one ruler, and one set of maths equipment will suffice every time you find the need for stationery.