The mining regulations have been created for the various mining activities, which can be of various types. All the activities related to mining are regulated by the Mining Regulations Act.

The Mining Regulations are divided into two main sections, namely the Resource Laws and the Cost Principles. The Resource laws are for the development of mining and other uses of the minerals, while the cost principles are for payment for the damages caused during the mining activities. Besides, there are other minor regulations also, which are governed by the Ministry of Finance. These include the mining tax and registration of mining claims. The coastal area mining regulations and the inland mineral resource regulations are concerned with marine minerals.

The mining law covers all the aspects related to the mining activities, which include inquiry before the commencement of the mining operation, submission of application for mining rights, royalty payments, dredging, production, transportation, the establishment of mining sites, royalty payment, environmental assessment, dredging and utilization of mining resources, and mine tailings.