NDIS participants have access to physiotherapists of their choice. The medical provider provides rehabilitation and treatment to improve your movement and brain functionality. Here is more about NDIS physio.


NDIS will cover your physiotherapy therapy as part of the plan. Ensure that you understand all clauses in the NDIS plan. Besides, physiotherapists advise clients on a healthy lifestyle.

Handled Conditions

A physiotherapist works with individuals living with disabilities, such as amputations and post-surgery conditions. They also help persons with intellectual disabilities. See a physiotherapist if you have any form of autism, brain injuries, genetic disorders, as well as neurological injuries.

Therapeutic Supports

Physiotherapy involves the use of different support aids to help a participant improve their daily performance. The support services help NDIS participants to improve their communication, mobility, and personal care. Also, the individual improves their independence.


NDIS participants should seek physio treatment. The therapy will strengthen your muscles. Also, you get to interact with other participants during the treatment.