The role of the female in the traditional husband and wife scenario is to nurture. At some point, if possible, and desired to become a mother, and make the home complete. In the meantime, the woman man’s the house, takes care of her husband, and gives herself in completely in this role. Making every corner cozy and welcoming, in the same way, that her womb prepares for motherhood.

“Mother” takes us on a suspenseful, cathartic, unsettling journey, where the role of Jennifer Lawrence portraits how she, in the role of wife, and possible mother is torn apart and little pieces of her are taken and used when these two seemingly invited guests arrive at her home.

Skipping the science fiction elements of this film mother movie meaning at its core is the openness and surrender of a mother, the role of the female in the home, and how far she would go to please and be agreeable in the intention of staying true to her role. O