People prefer to buy a multi-fuel stove, as this gives them the freedom to choose the fuel they want to use. These stoves allow the burning of any solid fuel, like coal, peat, or any other briquettes. In addition, they can also burn wood. Solid fuels require to be burnt on a grate and have a pan to collect ash, something that is not required in wood burners.

This stove that can burn many fuels comes in various styles from the traditional to contemporary and you will have to decide on the style and design that fits the decor that you have in the room. To choose the best multi-fuel stove, you also must match the heating capacity of your stove to the volume of the room you are heating. You need 1kW of heat for every 14 cubic meters of space.

Your choice of the stove can also depend on the viewing window, and the best stoves are those that have a widescreen.