Alexandrite is exceedingly rare and scare, so it is a costly gem to purchase. Natural alexandrite jewelry will be faceted and cut. Untreated Alexandrite will have no faceting or cutting. The term natural alexandrite simply means it is not an artificially made gem.

This natural gem can be bought in various cuts: princess, royal, pear, classic round, radiant, marquise, asscher, trillion, cushion, Half Dutch Rose, Holland rose, octagon, and trilliant to name a few. They a cut in every facet design imaginable.

Natural Alexandrite is available in rings set in yellow 18K gold, white gold, and platinum. Often alexandrite is surrounded by diamonds or some other smaller precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, or sapphires.


Heating is a process used to change the color of a gemstone. Unheated alexandrite is also available, so that you can obtain the gem in its most natural state with the color unchanged.