Negotiation is a skill that salespeople use to get the best possible deal for their company. This article will outline three sales negotiation techniques to help you improve your sales results and boost revenue.

1) The first technique is called “price anchoring.” The salesperson sets a price but then offers to sell it at a lower cost if they buy more items or meet other conditions.

2) The second technique is called “selling from weakness.” In this case, the salesperson has weaknesses in their product knowledge or pricing model. So they offer an incentive to close the deal as quickly as possible, such as free delivery or an extended warranty period.

3) Finally, we come to the technique of “bundling,” where the salesperson bundles products together that are usually sold separately but will give you a better deal if purchased as one package.

In conclusion, salespeople and sales negotiators can use various techniques to close a deal, but the most important thing is always to be prepared.