Non-profit legal services are available to non-profits in Colorado. Non-profits exist for the public good, and non-profit legal service providers exist to serve these non-profits by providing free or low-cost counsel on various matters related to their mission. This article will discuss three tips for non-profit legal services Colorado leaders about how they can access this valuable resource.

1) Find out if your organization qualifies for non-profit legal services.
Only non-profit organizations classified as non-profits under 501(c)(type) of the United States Internal Revenue Code will qualify to receive non-profit legal services.

2) Find a lawyer who offers pro bono hours to non-profits.
Look on the non-profit’s website for a list of attorneys that have provided pro-bono service to their organization in the past. Ask your non-profit lawyer if they are willing to help with any legal matters related to your non-profit work or mission.

3) Ask your lawyer about referral programs.
Look for non-profit legal services providers that have a referral program. This means they will provide non-profits with referrals to other non-profit lawyers who may help them as the first lawyer cannot.

In conclusion, non-profit legal services in Colorado are abundant, and there is no reason you cannot find a lawyer to help your non-profit. Look for lawyers who provide pro bono hours and ask about referral programs so you can get the most out of your non-profit legal service relationship.