A nursing sports bra offers many benefits for women who regularly breastfeed their babies. The fact is that there is usually some amount of friction between the breasts and nipples of a newborn baby, especially if the mother is carrying the baby in the front or side position. This friction can cause sore nipples, painful breast creases, and the baby’s mouth to contact the breasts, which can lead to smelly nips and irritations.

A nursing sports bra helps alleviate this problem by providing a very soft and supportive bra that provides ample support. Unlike regular bras, which tend to be very constrictive, a good sports bra will allow your breasts to breathe and provide an easy way for the baby’s mouth to access your nipple. This can potentially reduce some of your discomforts. The straps of your favorite sports bra are also very supportive, meaning that they can help keep your breasts in place during the most strenuous activities. Having proper support and comfort during everyday activities is important because it helps you get the most out of every single workout.