The Padi Instructor Training Course (PDTC) is probably the most fundamental foundation for successful professional scuba diving education. The PADI Instructor Training Course (PDTC) focuses on training you to be a qualified, experienced, certified, and responsible PADI Open Water Instructor. This is by far the most crucial aspect of being an instructor in the ocean. Any Padi instructor will tell you that their primary focus is on getting their students to achieve the highest diving safety level possible.

The basic requirements for Padi Instructor Training will include a PADI diving class, one day of PASMA training, a PADI certification test, and three PADI diving courses.
To get started on your Padi instructor training, you will need to check with your local dive school to determine what type of PADI classes they offer. Once you have found a school that is willing to help you out, then you should schedule your Padi training at that school.