PCB Inspection is one of the most important processes that a manufacturing company performs, especially when it is involved with large-scale manufacturing processes. Nowadays, most PCB manufacturers and industrial assembly companies are doing several types of inspections on PCB boards during different production stages.

Most PCB Inspection companies use a variety of tools to perform their work, such as magnetic force microscopes, scanning electron microscope, electron beams, and ultraviolet light. These tools are usually used in combination to inspect the entire PCB at one time. In this process, the inspection companies typically use special software to monitor their progress while checking it.

Another method that is often used to inspect the quality of a PCB is through a visual examination. For this, a trained and experienced engineer uses a combination of equipment like a microscope camera. As a result, he or she can view and analyze the PCB from different angles to detect any changes that can lead to the product’s failure.