Africa is a continent full of contrasts- Somalia is one of the most beautiful countries in this part of the world. Somalia has always had an air of mystery about it because it’s been off-limits for many years. However, Somalia photography has become more prevalent due to Somalia tourism becoming more accessible and easier to navigate. The country offers some stunning scenery with mesmerizing coastal views, green hillsides, and towering mountains. There are also vibrant markets where you can buy spices, jewelry, tapestries, intricately carved woodwork items, and much more!

Why is this place unique for photographers?

Somalia photography offers so much diversity, from breathtaking coastal vistas to green hillsides, that you will be overwhelmed by choice when it comes to choosing your next vacation destination in Somalia.

Somalia wildlife is also incredibly diverse, with exotic birds, soaring eagles, and vultures. Photography offers so much to see that you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing your next Somalia vacation destination!
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