The easiest plants to grow from seeds are pumpkins, peas, and beans. You can also use seeds to grow squash, radishes, lettuces, sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, and cucumbers.

Plant seeds Australia can be obtained from seeds that you can obtain from garden stores, but you need to get proper guidance on the correct timing for planting each of the varieties. Start them too early and they will become leggy and pot bound. Start them late, and your harvest can get delayed.

Some seeds like warmth and cold weather and lower temperatures can harm them. Plants that thrive in cold weather may not thrive if planted late as they need to mature before the weather turns hot.

Seed starting schedules must be appropriate for the weather in your area, and you need to be aware of the average date of spring frost so that you can judge the number of weeks that you need to plant the seed. Every plant seed variety requires a different germination time, and you must know this before you plant them.