Pleaser Boots are iconic and make a self-assured fashion statement. They are sturdily crafted and feature well cushioned inner and outer soles. In addition, the thick soles make these boots standout and feel comfortable when walking, standing or sitting. Many wear Pleasers to costume parties or cosplay events and to bars and clubs. They are also often worn by professional dancers, strippers and performances. Consumers can pair these funky boots with all kinds of attire such as jeans, long and short skirts, shorts and leather clothing such as dresses, jackets and pants. They are offered in a selection of sizes, colors and designs and come in various heel heights and styles. Plus, these boots often feature brads, studs, buckles and other embellishments like lace or beads and are made for anyone looking for unconventional footwear. Pleasers are stylish and daring and stand out from traditional footwear.