Powder Dosing Valve are a great way to improve your production, and they provide many benefits. They can make the process of applying powder easier and more efficient for you and your employee and can be used on any type of powder-coating application system: electrostatic, airless, or traditional HVLP.

Powder dosing valves also come with an automatic doser that will allow you to accurately measure the amount of material being applied at one time. This article discusses what they are, how it is typically used in a production setting and some basic information about their price points!

What are powder dosing valves?

Powder dosing valves provide a way to accurately measure the amount of powder being applied at one time. Powder dosing valves can be used in any powder-coating application system, including electrostatic and HVLP.

What are the uses of power dosing valves?

They are used for many commercial powder coating applications. They are typically controlled by an external controller programmed to dispense a pre-determined volume or weight of powder into the application system, which can then be applied to the coated part. Powder doses valves also come with automatic doser allowing you to use the correct amount every time consistently.

What is the price range?

The price for Powder Dosing Valves varies depending on the size and features. Powder Coating has many benefits, including coating speed, thickness control, high output capability, and greater color uniformity, making them very desirable to use when powder coating.

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