PPE safety products are essential for both workers and the people they work around. They protect from hazards in the environment, such as chemical agents, noise, heat, and cold.

But what is a PPE?

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

What is this about?

Personal protective equipment is a category of safety products that protect workers from injuries and hazards to their person. This can include goggles, gloves, earplugs, or insect repellent, depending on what type of work they are doing at any given time.

– Gloves
– Goggles/Safety Glasses should be part of your daily routine while working in construction.

The industry standard for wearing PPEs is 30 minutes before exposure, with an inspection every 15 minutes afterward for damage or debris build-up. If you’re not sure if something needs replacing, err on the side of caution and replace it! Remember: when in doubt, throw it out! They should always be worn when operating power tools, including nail guns. They should be used for all construction activities at risk of injury or illness to the head, eyes, or ears.

– Insect Repellent is essential in keeping you safe on the job site and ensuring your project gets completed with minimal injuries. They can reduce incidents significantly by preventing severe accidents from occurring during work hours. ppe safety product use has improved over time; however, employers need to ensure employees understand how important it is always to wear them while working!

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