Protect Yourself From The Sun: How To Cover Up This Summer


Summer cover up: As summer starts to end, the days grow shorter, and the weather becomes much cooler. Sure, summer is great for vacations and summer activities, but it isn’t so great when you start getting sunburns. As summer comes to a close, here are three tips that will help protect your skin this summer:

1) Wear sunscreen every day–even on cloudy days!
2) Make sure to wear long sleeves if you’re in direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes at a time
3) When in doubt, use broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection!

It’s important to remember that even on cloudy days, sunscreen should still be worn every day! Physical sunscreens are great for covering larger areas, while chemical sunscreens work better in more sensitive skin types. When going out into direct sunlight for long periods

Hat + Sunglasses: Even if you do have sunscreen on, it’s important to keep your head covered as well as your eyes shielded from any harmful UV rays. A hat and sunglasses are summer essentials that will keep your head, face, and eyes safe!
Extra tip: Make sure you wear clothes that cover your arms or legs to avoid them getting sunburnt while spending time outside in the summer!

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