The Mining Regulations were introduced to regulate all aspects of the mining industry in Australia, from the exploration and processing of raw materials, through the development of mines, processing, transport, marketing, and waste treatment and recycling. These regulations ensure that local communities and workers are provided with a safer and healthier working environment while ensuring that the mining industry follows the international community’s stringent environmental standards. This is critical because mining affects the environment can often be difficult for indigenous peoples to deal with, making effective legal actions against mining companies and their negligent behavior an essential step towards reducing any ongoing damage. As a result of this, many mining regulations have been incorporated into various Acts and laws across Australia, including the Environment Protection Measure 2021, which introduced many amendments to improve the Australian environment.

The introduction of the Mining Law Legislation in Australia has made sure that any company that mines on or off their land will have to abide by the strictest environmental standards, ensuring that all companies work towards protecting the environment for generations to come.