The jojoba plant is a hardy, perennial shrub that grows in North America. It thrives in harsh desert climates and produces a nut that has many healing properties. The oil from this nut is often used as a base that is mixed with other essential oils but is also used on its own and has many benefits for skin, including the following:

• Moisturizer – pure jojoba oil is a humectant which means that it acts to seal skin with a protective barrier that helps skin to retain moisture; this can also help prevent bacterial infections and prevent acne.

• Anti-Bacterial – the oil made from jojoba has antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

• Antioxidant – because the oil contains vitamin E in a natural form it acts as an antioxidant on a person’s skin.

• Hypoallergenic – although jojoba oil can be absorbed by the skin, it has waxy properties that means it seals the skin and soothes it at the same time.