You need a quick pizza oven for your commercial food business. It must be able to cook and deliver lots of pizzas quickly. You will find a wide variety of ovens in this range. Take a look at the wood-fired commercial oven on wheels. It is a mobile unit so you can take it anywhere. It works well for preparing pizzas during events. The oven is perfect for food truck, mobile business and catering. It can reach up to 840 F/450 C in less than 40 minutes. You will not get this level of heat this fast with other models of ovens.

The wood-fired oven can cook up to 110 pizzas every hour. This gives you a lot of value when you can deliver maximum number of pizzas to your customers in less time. They do not have to wait long to receive their favorite and tasty pizzas. The oven has a stainless steel structure, giving it a robust strength. It is still lightweight even with a metal body. Order it now for your commercial food business.