An increasingly popular random drug testing Brisbane service is random alcohol and drug testing. It has become a widespread practice in workplaces across Australia, to ensure safety on the job site. This test provides an opportunity for employers to weed out potential employees who might be under the influence of illicit substances while working, which could pose a severe safety risk to themselves and others around them.

How does it work?

It randomizes the selection of employees who are to be tested. This randomization can occur daily, weekly, or monthly using a computer program for random number generation. However, suppose an employee is suspected of being under the influence while working on-site. In that case, they could get pulled aside until their test results come back clean. These random tests, including blood and urine samples, will detect whether that worker has consumed alcohol or used illicit substances in recent days/weeks/months (depending on how long these tests typically take). Failure to comply with random drug testing Brisbane policies isn’t advisable because it puts your job at risk and puts you within legal boundaries since Australian laws employers to conduct random mandatory drug screening on their employees.

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