Breathwork is breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing influences a person’s mental, emotional, or physical state. Breathwork Techniques include Clarity Breathwork, Vivation, Transformational Breath, Rebirthing, and Shamanic Breathwork.

Reasons to try these techniques are enjoying a surge of energy, feeling excited and motivated, heightened mental clarity, connects you to spiritual states and it is fun.

The benefits of these techniques may include a boost in immunity, heal emotional pain, and trauma. Other services are enriching creativity, and increase self-esteem. Tips on these techniques lie down, breathing through your mouth into your lower belly, take a second breath into your heart and chest, and repeat for two-to-five minutes.

To conclude, talk to a Breathwork practitioner and determine how these techniques can improve your physical, mental, and spiritual outlook. With these benefits, it makes sense to check it out.