Treats work great as rewards, but most human puppies will like being fussed, caressed, and vocally complimented just as much. The reward might be as simple as using a happy tone of voice with the puppy.

If you want to offer your pup a reward, consider his or her health: allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol, lactose intolerance, among other things, can all influence the type of treat that is appropriate for your pup.

This is when it’s crucial to talk things over with your pup on a human level before going into puppy mode. Chocolate buttons, chocolate-covered animal cookies, smarties are some of the proposed snacks.

When it comes to the human pup, punishment is a touchy matter. In general, your pup will want to please you, and the knowledge that they have disappointed you will typically be enough to punish them. Therefore, verbal reprimands, as well as alone time, might be effective.