Salesforce GitHub is an open-source repository that allows you to contribute salesforce code. You can find many different things on GitHub, including templates, plugins, and visualizations. The salesforce git will enable developers to collaborate through features like forking and pull requests. This article will discuss the benefits of the sales force GitHub and provide some tips on how to make it work best for your needs.
What are the main benefits of this?

-Allows for collaboration with other developers. Salesforce git allows you to work on projects to let multiple users contribute at once through features like branching and pull requests, which also makes it easy to track changes and updates between different contributors’ versions.
-Helps create an open-source community around salesforce platforms and applications. Git is known as one of the most popular version control systems available today because it allows anyone can easily participate in communities by sharing their code or making suggestions for improvements. This means more people will be able to access salesforce tools more accessible than ever before!
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