Salesforce pentesting is a way to explore your salesforce’s security measures and find any weaknesses. It can be helpful for both business and digital home projects.

Let’s explore three key points about salesforce pentesting: what it is, why you might need it done, and who’s doing the work. If you’re looking for more information on salesforce pentesting or want to know if your company needs it done, keep reading!

What is salesforce pentesting?

Salesforce pentesting is a technique that allows penetration testers to test your software security measures. Pentesters often find vulnerabilities and help salesforces fix them before they are exploited.

Who does salesforce pentesting?

Many companies specialize in pentesting. Some of these companies are:

Secureworks Penetration Testing
FireEye Penetration Testing
Rapid7 Penetration Testing
VeraCode Penetration Testing
How do I know I need pentesting?

Do you have salesforce security measures in place? Are you aware of the potential vulnerabilities and how to fix them before they are exploited? If these are questions you are asking yourself, then you need pentesting.

We live in a digital world, and most of our businesses are run through the web. A salesforce pentesting would always be required to discover vulnerabilities and protect our information.