There are several different locking systems on the market for a motorbike, but the most secure would have to be a strapless motorcycle tie down. It might sound simple in theory, but it isn’t until you see what happens when it isn’t used properly that you understand why this system is so effective. If you use this system on your bike regularly, you will notice how much safer it is when compared to the traditional locking system. A motorcycle tie-down has been shown to decrease lock-out attempts by as much as 72% significantly. Even when the lock-out attempt is unsuccessful, it will take less time with this type of system to get your bike in the garage than with a traditional lock-down.

When using this system, you want to make sure that you have a strap running from the back of your neck across the back of the bike. This strap will tie into a buckle on the back of the motorcycle, and two straps go across the top of the saddlebag and under the seat. Ideally, the strapless motorcycle tie-down should be attached at the back of the saddlebag.