Life is a beautiful and complicated adventure. Throughout our lives, we see, do and experience many things. We make mistakes, we learn from our mistakes and we are constantly trying to better ourselves. However, no matter what we do and how many years we add to our lives, we are constantly asking one question: What is My Purpose in Life?

Purpose is such a complicated word in itself. Some people may conclude that they have not served a purpose in their life because they didn’t meet a certain goal or contribute as much as they would have liked. Others may conclude that they found a purpose but it’s not fulfilling so they keep searching for more purpose. Many other people feel that purpose is just being alive and getting through each day being a good, honest person who does what they can to contribute as much as possible.

The process of seeking purpose in life is different for everyone and there’s no right or wrong way to go about seeking your purpose or learning how to be content with the stage in life you have reached.