Many people today, especially women, are looking for the best waterproof swim cap. Some designs help keep your head dry, while others are more streamlined for a more sleek look. One of the best features that these caps have to offer is a breathable mesh lining which allows your scalp and hair to breathe but keep away from your face and ears. Many people prefer to use a solid cap liner as it is not only breathable but also adds extra body and extra coverage. These are also great for women who have long hair because the design helps keep hair out of your face.

The mesh hats are very popular because they are comfortable and easy to use. These have small holes at the top of the mesh, which allows airflow but also keeps your head from becoming soaked. If you have a lot of hair, then a good choice is the silicone cap. This design is great because it is lightweight and not too bulky. One of the best waterproof caps is the Dacor cap.