In order to work as a foreign national in Hong Kong, you must meet the criteria of having a valid SFC license. To obtain an SFC license, you need to be 18 years of age or older, hold an SFC Employer Identification Card (ESIC), and have a permanent resident background. The process of obtaining an SFC license can take up to three months from application submission.

In order to ensure that you have done well in your SFC exam, it is important to invest in the right test preparation material. Test preparation materials include a book, e-books, SFC guidebooks, and SFC practice tests. All these preparations will help you pass the SFC exam with flying colors. It is important to choose the right test preparation method for you. Try to choose a method that closely matches your knowledge level and exam style.

The SFC type 1 is administered by the Ministry of Education, Foreign Affairs, and the Law Society. The exam is one of the most crucial tests in the accreditation process. Hundreds of schools participate in the exam. The exam has been around for almost thirty years and is still the subject of much debate between educators and administrators.

A license to work in Hong Kong is a privilege that you cannot forgo. Therefore, the SFC type 1 exam is a stepping stone to ensure that you get this important distinction in Hong Kong education. Like all other educational credentials, the SFC exam is a combination of theoretical study and practical training.

Because the Ministry of Education offers the SFC exam, it is subject to periodic review and update. Your test results are updated whenever there is a major revision in the law or any significant policy changes. So if you wish to renew your SFC license after the exam, you will need to apply.

The SFC type 1 license applicants need to undergo comprehensive pre-licensing training. This type of training is provided by two SFC-approved training providers – SCM Licensing and SFCA Certified Solicitor Training & Examination. The examination is administered, and only those who complete the training and pass the examinations can become licensed.

Once you complete the SFC licensing course, you will be required to attend and pass the SFC examination. When you apply for your license, the SFC will verify the date of your passing the exam. It is important to ensure that you can meet the SFC license requirements in Hong Kong before applying.