Shrimp Chow Mein is one of the most popular Chinese dishes ever prepared, and it is served in restaurants all over the country. It is one of the few “healthy” dishes in Chinese cuisine that has maintained its popularity in years and the reason for this is that, unlike most Chinese dishes, it provides a wide range of nutrients to the diner in very little time.

Shrimp Chow Mein (or Chungking, as it is more commonly called) can be either prepared as thin strips or as large as fillets. It is typically served cold but maybe ordered warm if preferred. Typically, the chowders are steamed until tender and cooked through, and served with vegetables or sauce. This dish is most popular in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The traditional filling for chow mein is chicken or beef. The favored choice today is shrimp, though it is also frequently served as a side dish. Some diners even enjoy the slightly sour taste of the vinegar in the vinegar-soaked onions.