The silk magnolia is one of the most beautiful flowers in North America. It can be found from southeastern Canada to Texas and up the Atlantic coast to Maine. This article will tell you everything you need to know about these flowers!

1) What should I know about this flower?

They are a type of Magnolia flower, and they come from the southeastern part of Canada. They can be found as far south as Texas and Florida but cannot flourish in those areas because it is too warm for them to survive.
The magnolia blooms sometime between May through June or July, depending on where you live. They grow up to four feet tall with large pink flowers that smell very sweet! The silk magnolia also has large leaves over six inches long, which makes this plant easy to recognize anywhere.

2) How do I care for these?

They like full sunlight- meaning at least ten hours of sun every day will help your magnolia bloom more often than not. They need to be watered regularly but do not like wet feet. How frequently you water them depends on how hot it is outside and the humidity in your area- magnolias hate being too dry or too wet!
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