The Smart Pot is the world’s first self-watering pot. A mother invented it in response to her son, who had just moved into his college dorm and wanted to grow plants but did not know-how. The Smart Pot is an innovative way for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy gardening while saving time, money, water, and energy.
Smart Pots are designed with three key features:

1) Smart Cap Technology allows the Smart Pot to keep your soil moist automatically;

2) Smart Drain Technology eliminates overwatering or underwatering;

3) Smart Basket Sides allow you to create customized planting pockets that let you plant any plant up close together without creating root rot problems. These features make it easy for anyone to have their Smart Pot garden.

A Smart Pot not only protects roots against extreme temperatures but can also be used between seasons as planters or temporary containers that store moisture inside their walls until you’re ready to use them again. They are great for business owners who want their plants to look lush and beautiful on display all year long – remove it, water your plant every few weeks with a diluted fertilizer solution, and then pop it back into its Smart Pot holder until you’re ready to reuse it again.

The Smart Pot is great for people of all ages because it requires minimal work and maintenance, taking up little space in your home or outdoor patios/decks; It also uses significantly less water than typical pots because the Smart Pots automatically keep the soil moist without overwatering!