Australia has a unique culture and its social media influencers reflect the diversity and uniqueness of the country. Following are some examples of Australian influencers:

• Jacob Stella – owner of a Vegan beauty brand, Jacob Stella offers (very) colourful makeup tips. His androgynous good looks and unique style are helping to break down gender and beauty stereotypes.

• Ozzy Man Reviews – Ethan gives his followers very candid and humorous opinion on popular culture with a typically Australian larrikin attitude. He also comments on nature, sport, life and anything else that pops into his head.

• RackaRacka – Australian twins Michael and Danny Philippou feature live combat videos on YouTube featuring extreme dares, graphic violence and dark humour.

• Maz Shirmer – a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse for over 30 years, she helps people who have experienced trauma or are suffering from depression and has created the Institute of Women International support group.