Cleaning is a housekeeping activity that is important to homes, offices, and commercial establishments both for the sake of health and safety and also because a clean environment is always appreciated by staff and visitors alike.

Traditionally cleaning has always been carried out through the use of cleaning chemicals which have now been found to be environmentally unfriendly. Steam cleaning allows you to use hot vapor to loosen grime and kill germs. Equipment provided by steam cleaning Perth agencies will heat the water in them past the boiling point, and steam is then let out through nozzles at a pressure.

The steam then kills dust mites, staph, mold, and other harmful allergens and bacteria. The high-heat moisture dries quickly and does not require any suction for its removal. Surfaces that are heavily soiled must be first steam cleaned and then the dirt wiped away before the moisture has dried up.

Cleaning with steam works best on impervious surfaces, though some steam cleaning equipment can also be used to clean curtains, mattresses, and upholstery.