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Meditation is an ancient practice done worldwide and helps relieve stress and attain a peaceful state of mind. The following are crucial steps to take to learn to meditate as you begin your meditation journey.

Become Comfortable

You will be required to sit down in a position that is comfortable for you but not comfortable enough to make you sleep. You will then pay attention to your breathing as you breathe.

Focus on Breath

This requires you to pay attention on the point where your breath will be felt most. This could be at your chest or nose. Keep your thoughts clear while paying attention to your breath intake and outlet.

Time the Inhales and Exhales

As you are breathing, take long, deep breaths. While breathing, ensure you expand your belly then make an exhale, slowly contracting your abdomen.


The clothes you need to wear need to be comfortable, not distracting you from the meditation process. As such, it should not be too tight or too loose.