Running a business for sale can be a profitable venture if you know how to plan every aspect of it properly. There are many things that must go as per the plan before you can make a profit on your investment. Make an exit strategy early. It will motivate you to achieve those goals. If you have set a certain profit expectation, you will know if you have achieved that goal or how far you are away from it when planning to sell your business. You can work harder or wait some more if the venture has not achieved this target as yet.

Always maintain your account book in order. This detail is the first thing any prospective buyer is going to check. A well maintained account book shows your professionalism in running your business and being upfront about financial details. You have a better chance of selling your business at a higher valuation if you have maintained these records accurately and as required by the business buyers. Hire a professional accountant to perform an audit of your business before you put it up for sale.