The body needs to have exercise to remain healthy. One of the simplest forms of exercise is walking. However, not a lot of people get enough steps daily to maintain physical fitness. If you want to take charge of your health and fitness, take the pedometer challenge.

Walk at Least 10,000 Steps Daily

Walking at least 10,000 steps a day provides health benefits. It gives you the exercise your body needs to stay fit.

Taking this many steps burns at least 2,000 to 3,500 calories per week. That converts to about one pound of body fat.

Measure Your Steps

You can easily measure your steps using a pedometer. You can wear it as a fashionable bracelet. It also functions as a watch, a heart rate monitor, etc.

Last Words

Get your body fit through walking. Wearing a pedometer reminds you that you have a walking challenge to complete for the day.