We are constantly looking for ways to treat our pains and ills through the use of medicine. The use of drugs and chemicals has other effects that are equally disturbing and make us look around for alternatives. Alternative medicine comes in many forms and TCM, or traditional Chinese medicine is one of them.

TCM medicine involves medical practices that have been used for healing the body and mind for thousands of years in China, and is fairly well documented. It uses acupuncture, tai chi, and a number of herbal products to address any health problems that people have.

In acupuncture specific points of the body are stimulated with needles to help release the body’s natural painkillers and affect those areas in the brain that process pain. Results have been said to be good for pain that is chronic. Tai chi involves certain gentle body movements that have helped the health of elderly people. The use of herbs often makes use of the same chemical compounds in plants that Western medicine purifies from extracts, or synthesizes.