Teach Your Kids To Code: 3 Promising Practices


Coding is an integral part of today’s world. The language powers many of the apps on your phone, websites you visit, and more! Teaching coding to kids is teaching them a valuable skill set for their future and teaching them how to think creatively, which will benefit them in all aspects of life. Here are three promising practices for teaching kids how to code:

Make it fun

Kids are naturally curious about everything around them, so make learning something new as exciting as possible by making it interactive and engaging.

Provide access

Technology has become integrated into every aspect of our lives, providing children with opportunities to manipulate technology at home or school. This can be done by teaching them how to code or teaching them basic computer skills.

Teach with the use of games

Kids love playing games and as such, teaching through gameplay is more likely to engage kids than just teaching straight-out lectures. There are many programs that teach coding in a fun way so give it a go!

To conclude, teaching children to code teaches them how to be part of the new technological revolution. It also teaches kids skills that are applicable in all sorts of fields, so teaching your child some coding basics will set them up for success!

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