An air scrubber is a device that cleans and filters air. They are commonly used in hospitals, laboratories, and other spaces where the air quality needs to be monitored carefully. Furthermore, they are also often found in areas with high levels of particulates or pollution, such as construction sites. There are three significant benefits to using an one:

Reduces Pollutants

Air scrubbers can reduce concentrations of harmful substances like formaldehyde by up to 80%! It increases your productivity by reducing sick days and turnover due to respiratory problems. They also reduce noise pollution caused by outdoor construction, which can benefit both employees and neighbors. Finally, they increase ventilation efficiency while maintaining maximum energy savings.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Air scrubbers are used to remove pollutants from the ventilation system of buildings such as formaldehyde, dust particles, or asbestos fibers – all things which can be present in the outdoor environment around construction sites.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Airscrubbers also reduce energy consumption, allowing ventilation systems to operate more efficiently with less fan power. Airflow rates can be improved by up to 30% when Airscrubbers are used with traditional air filters and fans that do not have a scrubbing function.

An Air Scrubber is an excellent investment that will provide you with improved indoor air quality, healthier employees, and increased productivity.