Cylinders are an essential part of any Hydraulic system. Hydraulic cylinders transfer hydraulic power from a pump to the actuator, creating motion that moves the machine. Hydraulic cylinder breakdown is a serious issue and can lead to expensive repairs if not addressed immediately.

Let’s explore the basic things you should know about Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown so you can protect your investment!

1) The first thing you need to know is what causes Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown?

Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown is caused by dirt, wear and tear, fatigue or corrosion. Hydraulic cylinders will eventually suffer from these issues if they are not replaced at regular intervals.

2) What are some symptoms of Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown?

Hydraulic cylinder breakdown is not an obvious issue. Still, there are some signs that a Hydraulic Cylinder may need to be replaced.

– Loss of pressure

– Sluggish movement and poor performance

– Hydraulic oil leakage from the Hydraulic Cylinder or hoses

These symptoms can lead to more costly repairs if ignored.

3) How do I prevent Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown?

To prevent Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown, replace the Hydraulic Cylinder at regular intervals. We recommend replacing Hydraulic cylinders every five years or 500 hours of use, whichever comes first.

We hope this information is helpful and you don’t encounter any problems with your hydraulic cylinder in the future.