The Benefits of Ceramic Hybrid Bearings for Industrial Electric Motors


When it comes to industrial electric motors—motors that power industrial equipment of all types—there are many factors that make them a popular choice. First and foremost, most owners of industrial equipment and the mechanics who service them will tell you that industrial electric motors are overall very reliable. When properly maintained, a quality electric motor will very rarely break down. This is important because when industrial equipment breaks down, production comes to a halt, which costs not only time, but also money.

In order to decrease the likelihood of their equipment breaking down, many mechanics are turning to ceramic hybrid bearings for industrial electric motors, like those produced by CBR Bearing.

Benefits of Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

Ceramic hybrid ball bearings offer several distinct advantages when used in industrial electric motors. First, ceramic hybrid ball bearings are electrically non-conductive and eliminate electrical arcing. This is especially critical for motors that are controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD). Second, ceramic hybrid ball bearings have been shown to last up to ten times longer than traditional steel ball bearings, meaning they don’t have to be replaced as often. Third, ceramic hybrid bearings produce less friction than steel bearings. Why is this important? When there is less friction, there is less heat build-up and more power produced. This leads to an increased RPM rating (up to 25% greater) and higher efficiency for the motor.

Overall, ceramic hybrid bearings are simply better for industrial electric motors. So why would anyone continue to use steel ball bearings? For a long time, ceramic hybrid ball bearings were prohibitively expensive for many owners of industrial equipment. Recently, however, the prices have started to come down. Charlie Rowlett, owner of CBR Bearing says, “Ceramic hybrid bearings still have the unfortunate reputation with many people of being too expensive. We tell people that if you haven’t priced them recently, you might be surprised at how affordable they are, especially from some of the smaller, specialty bearing companies.”

Rowlett continues, “Given that ceramic hybrid bearings last much longer than steel bearings and will keep your equipment running longer without issues, when you really look into them, they are quite affordable.”

With Ceramic Hybrid Bearings, Quality is Key

The key is to look for quality ceramic bearingsones that use solid silicon nitride in their ceramic balls and are manufactured using a hot isostatic pressing (HIP) process. Cheap ceramic balls can fracture or even shatter under intense conditions, causing damage to expensive equipment. Equipment owners and mechanics should invest in quality ceramic bearings in order to receive all of the benefits associated with ceramic hybrid bearings.

You can learn more about CBR’s American-made bearings by visiting their website:

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