Functional Medicine is the new way of looking at health and wellness. It is an integrative system of healthcare that focuses on restoring balance and improving function to promote healing, prevent illness, and reduce disability. In addition, it helps manage chronic diseases like diabetes or obesity with more success than traditional treatments because it doesn’t just treat the symptoms but also addresses root causes through lifestyle changes and targeted nutritional supplements.

Functional medicine practitioners see the body as an integrated whole, not a series of isolated parts. They are trained in conventional Western Medicine and natural therapies such as acupuncture, herbalism, nutrition therapy, and mind-body interventions. They help their patients achieve optimal health by focusing on four key principles:

Identify and treat the causes of illness rather than just symptoms
Restore balance through proper nutrition
Eliminate toxins from our environment
Personal care products

Every person gets a personalized treatment based upon their unique needs. That’s why it is so effective. Practitioners target the root of the problem and then work their way up with the treatment.